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1.55% Hourly for 68 hours

105% ROI, Min $10- Max $5,000

2.84% Hourly for 44 hours

125% ROI, Min $100 - Max $5,000

11.36% Hourly for 22 hours

250% ROI, Min $500 - Max $500,000


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Welcome to bitbots.cc!

Bitbots is a U.K. registered company (Company Number 10892820) located in the financial hub of London, "The City". It was founded by a group of Artificial Intelligence Researchers from top technology companies. They have developed trading bots based on machine learning techniques. Those systems are well tested high frequency trading bots that are able to discover and exploit arbitrage profitable trades within different crypto currencies such as Bitcoins, Litecoins and Dogecoins. Trading orders are placing at milliseconds to major Exchanges to extract profits at lightning speed 24 hours a day. It's now the best time to capitalize on the huge volatility that crypto currencies never experience before.

As a Bitcoin trading company, we have just one goal to provide a user-friendly investment platform that will assist our investors in making good investment decisions. We carefully developed and prepared automated platform as well as got the necessary experience. If you choose our company as your reliable financial partner, you can be assured of a high degree of professionalism of our traders and financial experts.

As a high frequency trading fund, we pay our clients on hourly basis(Check each package return). All withdrawals are instant.

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Dedicated Server

Strong DDoS Protected

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Instant Withdraw

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